Ecology Action Centre calls on Liberal government to fulfill land protection commitment

The Ecology Action Centre says it's concerned that a commitment by the McNeil government to reach 13 per cent land protection within their current mandate will not be met.

As an election call appears imminent, the centre says the province has only achieved 12.3 per cent land protection, and remains almost 34,000 hectares short.

Wilderness coordinator Raymond Plourde says some important natural areas that have been identified for protection for many years are now potentially under threat.

The centre says some areas still waiting for protection include Wentworth Valley in Colchester County, Giant's Lake in Guysborough County, and Cape Mabou in Inverness County.

Plourde says many areas still waiting for protection were purchased by government from forestry companies over the last ten years specifically for that purpose, and there's no reason for them not to be protected by now.

The Ecology Action Centre wants all three political parties to clearly state what their intentions are with regards to completing the conservation work.