EDGE Pilot program to help young adults get jobs

The provincial government says it is testing a program that provides new supports for young people on income assistance to help them become independent and get into the work force more quickly.

The EDGE pilot program is a job search and readiness program designed for young adults from 18 to 26-years-old who receive Employment Supports and Income Assistance.

The Department of Community Services says EDGE is delivered in peer groups, with mentorship and youth focused supports and it helps young adults develop skills and gain access to the resources they need in a supportive environment designed to meet their needs.

Minister of Community Services Kelly Regan says she "is pleased to be able to offer young adults more options to help them reach their goals."

The province says the program is delivered in two sites, by three service providers, MetroWorks in Halifax Regional Municipality, and Community INC., partnered with The Portal Youth Centre in Kentville.

The government says it has invested $1 million in the EDGE pilot program, and is building supports to help young people build connections to communities, self-confidence, a career path and independence from income assistance, breaking the cycle of poverty from generation to generation.