Emergency alert test to include cell phones

Nova Scotians may receive an emergency alert test on their cell phones Wednesday from the Alert Ready Service.

The test, as part of Emergency Preparedness Week, will take place at 1:55 p.m.

It begins with a loud alert sound, followed by a spoken message on television and radio and a message on cell phone screens.

The system allows emergency management officials to send out public alerts, with participants in the program including private and public broadcasters, cell phone service providers, and government organizations.

The Emergency Management Office (EMO) sends test alerts several times a year on TV and radio, and cell phones will now be part of the alert.

EMO says if a cell phone is switched off or on silent mode, there will be no sound but a message will be displayed and the phone may vibrate if it is in silent mode.

More information on the public alerting system and cell phone compatibility is available on the Alert Ready website.