Employment in Nova Scotia reached record high in May

Government says employment in Nova Scotia reached a new high of 468,900 jobs in May, the highest employment ever recorded in Nova Scotia.

New data released by Statistics Canada yesterday shows an increase of 14,600 jobs compared with May 2018.

This resumed a trend of rising employment that started in summer 2018, with employment growing in nine of the past twelve months.

The provincial unemployment rate was 6.5% in May, meaning unemployment has remained below 7% for the entirety of 2019 so far.

Government says the province's average unemployment rates are at their lowest levels since the start of data collection in 1976.

Improvements to the unemployment rate are concentrated among youth aged 15-24 and workers aged 25-54 with the youth unemployment rate dropping to 11.1% in May.

Employment among workers aged 25-54 is up 5,900 jobs since May 2018, which brings their unemployment rate down to 5.1%