Enviro group asks Competition Bureau to probe claim of 'flushable' wipes

Friends of the Earth Canada wants the Competition Bureau to investigate a recent study it says proves there is no such thing as a ``flushable'' wipe.

Municipal water services say the baby wipes and other single-use cleaning cloths people flush down toilets are clogging sewer pipes and causing millions of dollars of damage every year.

Friends of the Earth Canada, represented by lawyers at EcoJustice, is filing an application with the Competition Bureau today citing a Ryerson University study that tested 23 wipes labelled as ``flushable'' and found none of them actually lived up to that claim.

The study found the only products that did disintegrate in sewage systems were types of toilet paper.

Friends of the Earth CEO Beatrice Olivastri says the group is asking the Competition Bureau to fine companies $10 million for every product they sell under bogus claims of flushability.

She says companies are marketing wipes to customers looking for products of convenience but they're leading people to flush things down the toilet in the false belief they are not harming the environment.