Environment group wants faster phase-out of coal-fired plants in Nova Scotia

An environmental group is calling on the Nova Scotia government to do more to phase out coal-fired electrical plants despite the province's exemption from the 2030 federal deadline for a national phase-out.

The Ecology Action Centre says under the terms of a newly proposed equivalency agreement, Nova Scotia could still emit millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases from coal for as many as 10 years past the deadline.

Stephen Thomas, the centre's energy campaign co-ordinator, says he's concerned with the province's overall commitment, given it still has the most coal-dependent electricity grid in Canada with eight coal-fired generation units operated across four plants.

Thomas says there appears to be a lack of urgency to create the jobs needed for a green economy.

Nova Scotia signed an agreement in principle for an equivalency agreement in 2016, which recognized the province had already met Canada's target of a 30 per cent reduction in emissions from 2005 by 2030.

Environment and Climate Change Canada says the new agreement is open for public comment until May 29.