Family 'scared' as boy with severe autism faces release without home supports

A Halifax-area family says their nine-year-old son is being released from a confined children's hospital unit with no appropriate home supports or programs for his severe form of autism.

Carly Sutherland says they are living a "nightmare" because there are no proper supports and treatment for her son Callum, who is due to be released next week from the IWK hospital.

Sutherland says her son, who was admitted October 19th, remains confined to an isolated unit for safety reasons because there is no appropriate therapy available.

She says Callum is far too violent to participate in the unit's school or recreational therapy, and isn't verbal enough to access counselling services.

With her son due to come home, Sutherland says her family, which includes a younger son, is "scared" and needs help now.

Sutherland says the treatment of children with autism who are in crisis and their families is an "egregious wrong," and she is calling on the provincial government to provide appropriate intervention services.