Father of the Trans-Canada Highway's cross-Canada excursion remembered

A man known as the father of the Trans-Canada Highway is being remembered for his early work to connect Canada's coasts by highway.

Three of Dr. Perry Doolittle's great-grandchildren accepted a leadership award honouring the Toronto physician Monday in Halifax from the Canadian Council of Independent Labs.

Doolittle, who became the first president of the Canadian Automobile Association in 1920, was a tireless advocate for the construction of a national highway.

To promote his goal, he travelled across Canada in a Ford Model T, leaving from Halifax on Sept. 8, 1925 and reaching Vancouver 39 days later.

The 7,700-kilometre excursion was mostly over dirt roads, and in some areas the vehicle had to be driven on train tracks because there were no roads.

Ruth Young, the great-granddaughter of Doolittle, said his vision was to bring Canadians closer together