Former Centennial Pool space being repurposed

Nearly six years after it closed, the former Centennial Pool in Truro is being repurposed into a flexible space for the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).

Speaking with Truro Town Council, campus principal Lech Krzywonos says the NSCC didn't have a plan for the pool once it closed due to the opening of the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.

He says the building is in good enough shape that it doesn't have to be demolished and they couldn't have it just sitting there degrading.

Following a quick analysis to confirm the pool wasn't needed for research or programming like underwater welding, it was filled in.

Krzywonos says the repurposing of the nearly 10,000 square foot space is nearly complete inside, with the outside looking better as well.

He says a lot of their programming suits the building and they need the space, so it's been set up to be as flexible as possible.

Krzywonos says it's unlikely any area in Nova Scotia outside of Halifax can sustain the hiring of a constant stream of graduates in the community each and every year, and mentioned the idea of a rotation of trades programs with other campuses to give each area local graduates who stay where they go to school.