Former councillor announces intention to run in up-coming by-election to represent District 9

A former councillor has announced his intention to run in an upcoming by-election to represent District 9 on Colchester County Council.

Bob White, who served as councilor in the district from 2004 to 2012, tells our newsroom he plans on running in this by-election because he misses working as councillor and would like to have another chance to represent the district.

White lost his seat on council to Doug MacInnes in the 2012 election.

If elected, White says he will focus on continuing to grow Central Onslow and Debert by developing areas such as the industrial park.

The resignation of former Councillor Doug MacInnes took effect at a special council meeting on August 2nd.

A by-election date is expected to be set by council at a committee meeting on August 17th.

A news release from the county says people living or operating a business within the boundaries of District 9 will be served by the Mayor of Colchester, any councillor from another district, or municipal staff until the completion of a by-election.