GoFundMe set up for those affected by Brooklyn Drive apartment fire

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help support those affected by the fire at a 12-unit apartment building in Bible Hill on Friday that caused extensive damage.

The page was created by Darren Cox, who is related to one of the twenty tenants of the Brooklyn Drive complex, and his partner Beth Hayman.

Multiple fire departments joined the Bible Hill Fire Brigade in responding to the scene Friday afternoon, with firefighters being called back to the building due to flare ups.

No injuries were reported, though one man was taken to hospital for assessment.

Cox tells our newsroom very few of the tenants had insurance, so he knew an effort to support them had to be mobilized.

Apart from helping through the GoFundMe page, donations can be dropped off at 208 Main Street in Bible Hill or Failsafe Computers at 10 Dominion Street.

Cox says there have already been donations of clothes, appliances, and furniture come in, and a storage space has been donated by Premiere Self Storage.

Staff at Premiere Self Storage don't have access to the storage space and can't accept items on behalf of this effort, so Cox encourages people to contact 902-895-6963 to make arrangements.

Hayman is also working to set up a benefit concert, with Cox saying she's been coordinating with the Village of Bible Hill over possible dates.

Ten tenants from five apartments, including three international students from the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, had made arrangements to stay with relatives or friends in the aftermath of the fire. 

The Canadian Red Cross said six adults from three apartments had been provided with hotel lodging through tenant insurance, while disaster volunteers arranged emergency lodging, food, and clothing for four tenants.