Government approves write-offs for 2018-19

The province says it is writing off $23.9-million in debts it is labeling noncollectable as of March 31.

According to a press release, debts are written off each year when it is determined they are unlikely to be paid for reasons such as personal or commercial bankruptcy, death of the person owing the debt, or property foreclosure.

The Summary of Departmental Write-offs 2018-19 lists nine departments with uncollectable amounts.

These included $10.3 million for the Department of Business, $5.4 million for the Department of Agriculture and $2.8 million for the Justice Department.

The province says provisions for the uncollectable debts were made in previous fiscal years and will have no impact on departmental budgets or the province's bottom line in 2018-19.

A fact sheet listing all departmental write-offs is available here.