Guitar stolen 46 years ago returned to April Wine frontman

April Wine frontman Myles Goodwyn has been reunited with the guitar that helped launch his illustrious career.

The 1962 Gibson Melody Maker was stolen 46 years ago.

But on New Year's Eve, Goodwyn got it back.

The 70-year-old musician and songwriter purchased the guitar in 1968 in Cape Breton, and played it on the band's first two records.

In 1972, Goodwyn learned that a truck carrying the band's equipment crashed in Montreal and he was told his guitar was destroyed.

But on December 24th, Goodwyn received a message from a man in Victoria saying he believed he had his guitar.

He confirmed through photos that it was the guitar he had lost all those years ago, identifying unique modifications he made.

One week later, Goodwyn was plugging it in for the first time in 46 years.

He says the Melody Maker is in perfect condition, and he plans to use it during the recording of an upcoming album.