Halifax man sentenced to jail time after assault, killing dog

An 18-year-old old man accused of killing a dog in the Spryfield area of Halifax has been sentenced to almost a year in jail.

Cameron Robert Dolan appeared in provincial court for a sentencing hearing Thursday morning.

Dolan pleaded guilty to assault, property damage, and other counts that resulted in consecutive sentences.

Dolan is facing a total of 362 days in jail and three years of probation. His sentence includes 270 days for the killing of Cindy Beaver’s yorkie-chihuahua mix, Tucker.

Beaver says she believes Dolan’s sentence isn’t enough to provide justice for her family.

“I don’t think it’s enough, especially with the past that he’s got and he’s probably getting out sooner than that,” she says. “He should’ve got federal time for it.”

The court heard victim impact statements from the family about the trauma that followed Dolan’s alcohol-fueled rage over his break-up with a girlfriend in January.

The family dog had his legs broken before being beaten to death. Family members found his body nine days later. A pet bird in the home was stripped of its feathers and suffered a broken leg.

Dolan was sentenced to 90 days last year for maiming a pig.

The judge made a blunt assessment of Dolan’s future, saying that if he doesn't change, he risks being locked up for life as a dangerous offender.

Some of Dolan’s convictions were for breaches of court orders and he faces more court prohibitions after his release. Dolan is faced with a DNA order, an order prohibiting him from owning or being in a household where there is a pet for life and a weapons prohibition for certain items.

Crown Prosecutor Ron Lacey says the case’s details were shocking.

“I don't think I’ve ever had a case like this, they do come up from time-to-time, there are cases involving cruelty and causing death to animals,” says Lacey.

Beaver says no matter what the sentence may be life for her family will never be the same without Tucker.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.