Halifax mayor says city's Natal Day parade attracted huge crowd

The mayor of Halifax says the city's Natal Day parade attracted one of the biggest crowds he can recall.

Mike Savage says the enthusiastic crowd at Monday's parade was eager to catch a glimpse of local hockey star Sidney Crosby and the Stanley Cup.

Crosby rode on the back of a white pick up truck, waving to the crowd and at times hoisting the Stanley Cup above his head.

Savage says Crosby understands how important he is to both hockey fans and the general community.

He calls the Pittsburgh Penguins' captain understated, and says he conducts himself gracefully both as a professional hockey player and a role model.

The parade started in Halifax's north end, and then crossed the harbour bridge to Dartmouth.

Fans greeted Crosby with cheers and some sang the 30-year-old hockey player Happy Birthday.