Halifax schools could acknowledge aboriginal territory in daily announcements

Halifax-area students could soon get a daily reminder that their school sits on traditional Mi'kmaq territory.

A member of the Halifax Regional School Board is proposing that an acknowledgment be read out as part of morning announcements.

Jessica Rose, the board's Mi'kmaq representative, says the proposal was brought up at a committee meeting last Wednesday and is going to be studied further in the hopes that it be adopted and in place by September.

She says it would likely be a simple statement that would be read along with the national anthem and other housekeeping announcements at schools.

Rose says it's an important gesture for First Nations students who may not feel comfortable recognizing their culture, and mirrors a similar acknowledgment introduced in Toronto schools last year.

Halifax board spokesman Doug Hadley says staff have been asked to bring back a report with more information on the proposal, adding that board meetings start with a similar statement.