Hundreds drawn to NOPIPE rally in Pictou

Dozens of fishing boats and hundreds of people are protesting a pulp mill's plan to dump millions of litres of effluent daily into the Northumberland Strait.

Protesters gathered at a public marina across from Northern Pulp in Pictou on Friday.

A fishermen's association says about 200 boats were also in the harbour to show their opposition to the company's plan to dump treated wastewater directly into the strait that separates Nova Scotia from P.E.I.

Island Premier Wade MacLauchlan also issued a statement Friday, saying he had written to Ottawa and Nova Scotia's premier to express his concerns over the effluent.

The mill's B.C.-based parent company, Paper Excellence, has said the mill and its 300 employees will be out of work unless it can build a pipeline that would meet all federal environmental standards.

The mill has until 2020 to replace its current treatment plant in nearby Boat Harbour.

The plant has been dumping the wastewater into lagoons that contain nearly 50 years worth of toxic waste.

Former Nova Scotia environment minister Iain Rankin has called the lagoon one of the worst cases of environmental racism in Canada.