Jamie Baillie dismissed over a single incident in December, party now says

The president of Nova Scotia's Progressive Conservative Party says she was told by "multiple sources" about a single incident involving inappropriate behaviour by former leader Jamie Baillie.

In a statement released Friday, Tara Miller says the allegations concerned inappropriate behaviour toward one individual in a single incident that took place last month.

Baillie was forced to quit on Wednesday after an investigation found he acted inappropriately and breached the legislature's policy on workplace harassment.

Miller's latest statement clarifies how the party proceeded in relation to the legislature's harassment policy, which sets up a process that neither the "individual nor Baillie" chose to follow.

But she says the party felt the allegations were serious enough that they warranted an investigation "due to the position of public trust the party holds."

Miller says an experienced, third-party Halifax-based lawyer conducted an investigation, and Baillie and the individual "participated fully" and were represented by legal counsel.

She says the lawyer used definitions from the legislature's policy to make findings, which concluded that Baillie was in breach.