Judicial review of tire burning decision to begin Tuesday

A judicial review is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court over the Department of Environment's approval of a tire-burning pilot project at the Lafarge cement plant in Brookfield.

The Citizens Against Burning of Tires (CABoT) launched a court challenge of the environmental assessment approval in August, arguing it violated the province's Environment Act.

Lafarge filed an application in November for industrial approval to begin the pilot project and later that month announced the installation of Continuous Emission Monitoring systems at in anticipation of beginning a one-year pilot project.

The company said in 2016 that if the demonstration showed tires can be used safely to replace coal, about 15 per cent of its fuel needs can be met from using roughly 450,000 scrap tires each year.

Groups opposed to the project, including CABoT, have said the approval process should have included more public engagement, including with Indigenous communities, and that the government relied too heavily on information provided by Lafarge or its partners.

In a decision released in January, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court dismissed a motion by CABoT to have testimony from an independent toxicologist on the fallout from the plant.