Jury hears accused killer told 911 he killed girlfriend, chopped own hand off

A Halifax jury has heard Nicholas Butcher frantically tell a 911 call taker that he had killed his girlfriend and tried to kill himself.

Jordan Masters, a 911 dispatcher, took the stand at Butcher's second-degree murder trial Tuesday, as a call from March 26, 2016, was played for the 14-member Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury.

Butcher was breathing heavily as he told Masters on the call he had killed his girlfriend and had cut his hand completely off.

The call taker repeatedly asked Butcher his name and age, but he never responded, often only replying with, ``I'm dying.''

He gasped, wailed and sobbed throughout the entire call, and at times sounded like he was vomiting.

Friends of Montreal-born yoga instructor Kristin Johnston could be heard sniffling as the call was played loudly over courtroom speakers.