'Killer' spring frost damages grape crops at Nova Scotia vineyards

Vineyards in Nova Scotia are grappling with a potentially devastating loss of grape crops following a severe spring frost.

Temperatures in the Annapolis Valley fell to below 0 C on Sunday night and into early Monday from the high 20s on Friday.

Gerry McConnell, founder of Benjamin Bridge vineyards, says the frost caused significant damage to his crops in the Gaspereau Valley.

McConnell, who is also the vice-chairman of the Winery Association of Nova Scotia, says many of the province's roughly 15 vineyards were also affected by the "killer" frost event, which he described as unusual.

He says Nova Scotia vineyards have reported various levels of damage, from complete devastation to minimal damage.

But, McConnell says it will be several weeks before he can estimate the extent of the damage to the crops.