Lafarge tire-burning project in Brookfield to have environmental assessment

Lafarge Canada Inc. has registered with the Department of Environment for an environmental assessment to use scrap tires as fuel for one of the kilns at the Brookfield Cement Plant.

The province says the company aims to use the scrap tires in place of coal or petroleum coke as a low carbon fuel.

If approved, the Lower Carbon Fuel: Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) System is expected to operational later this year.

The company announced their plans in October, saying they'd teamed with Dalhousie University researcher Dr. Mark Gibson, and held an open house in Truro.

Gibson said research indicated the plant would see a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by replacing coal with used tires.

Lafarge said at the time that if the demonstration showed tires can be used safely to replace coal, about 15 per cent of its fuel needs can be met from using roughly 450,000 scrap tires each year.

That's just under half of the amount of tires generated in Nova Scotia.