Latest Hunger Count shows food bank use still high in Canada

Food Banks Canada is out with its annual Hunger Count report.

The organization surveys thousands of food banks across the country every March to provide a snapshot of current food bank use. 

According to the Hunger Count, there were 25,773 visits to Nova Scotia food banks in March 2018 and more than one million visits across Canada.

And children make up a large number of those who rely on food banks.

In Nova Scotia, 31 per cent of the clients in March 2018 were children.

Nationally, children make up 35 per cent of food bank users, but only represent 20 per cent of the population.
Food Banks Canada has made four recommendations it says will help reduce the need for food banks: 
1) Federal leadership towards a basic income for all Canadians
2) Support the creation of standardized, affordable early learning and childcare across the country
3) Increased supports for single adults living with low incomes
4) Reduce northern food insecurity

Food Banks Canada says that while food banks are doing everything they can to help those in need, they are not able to address the root cause.

The organization says the root cause is related to poverty and low income, which can be most directly addressed through government policies.