Legislation introduced to give Coast Guard Auxiliary special recognition

Finance and Treasury Board Minister Karen Casey has introduced legislation to extend an exemption of the vehicle registration fee to Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers.

The exemption includes cars and trucks for the more than 400 active auxiliary members who may be eligible.

The provincial government says, "These members provide the service of their own vessels to help cover extensive coastline."

Other services, such as volunteer firefighters and ground search and rescue workers, are already exempt from the fee under the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations.

Darcy Henn, of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Maritimes, says this legislation will help recruit and retain volunteers.

Progressive Conservative MLA Karla MacFarlane says she's glad this legislation has been brought foward by Casey.

MacFarlane first introduced the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Appreciation Act on May 20, 2016 and reintroduced it in September 2017.