Letter from CCRSB Superintendent offers information on future without elected school boards

The Superintendent of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board says changes to the education system by the provincial government are intended to streamline and focus the education system on student success.

In a letter to parents and guardians on Thursday, Gary Adams says the changes will shift resources from administration and governance into classrooms.

With the proposed elimination of the elected school boards as of March 31st, Adams says local school board offices and staff will remain, and his title will change to regional executive director of education.

He says the renamed regional education centres will continue to make the same regional and local decisions they do now, such as busing and snow days, and can be contacted with any questions that would have been fielded by an elected school board member.

School Advisory Councils (SACs) will be consulted, including this spring, to determine what supports are needed, discuss funding, and determine how to ensure diversity in membership.