Liberals tout measures to support female entrepreneurs on International Women's Day

Friday was International Women's Day, and the Trudeau government marked the occasion by touting its collection of measures designed to support, and boost the number of female entrepreneurs.

The Liberals unveiled about two billion dollars worth of commitments under its women's entrepreneurship strategy a year ago.

Yesterday the government announced a first group of recipients under the strategy's female-entrepreneurship fund.

The list includes 13 businesses that will each receive up to 100 thousand dollars.

Mary Ng, the minister responsible for small business and export promotion, said in a recent interview that her mandate it is to double the number of women entrepreneurs by 2025.

Ng said only about 16 per cent of Canada's small- and medium-sized businesses are female-owned or led.

Business leaders like Audrey Mascarenhas, C-E-O of Questor Technology, argue the federal strategy needs improvements to truly help women entrepreneurs and, by extension, the broader economy.