Local apartment rental company concerned about heavy commercial traffic in residential area

The general manager of Wallace Living says something needs to be done about heavy commercial traffic on Munroe St.

The street provides the only access to Munroe Ct, where Wallace Living has seven apartment buildings, including an assisted living residence.

But the street is also the only access to a lumberyard on CN land.

In a letter to Truro Town Council, Wallace Living GM Andrea Johnstone says transport trucks take up three-quarters of the street and she's worried about emergency vehicles being able to access the assisted living residence.

Another big concern is parking on Munroe St..

Transport trucks are not allowed to park on the street between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., but Johnstone says a number of truck drivers ignore the signs and park on the side of the street until the lumberyard gate opens in the morning, sometimes blocking the entrance to the assisted living residence.

She says some trucks idle all night, creating a lot of noise and diesel emissions.

Johnstone would like to see the entrance to the lumberyard moved, so there would no longer be access from Munroe St.

The town's Director of Public Works, Andrew MacKinnon, says any alternative lumberyard entrance would have to go through CN land and he's forwarding Johnstone's letter to CN as part of their ongoing discussions.