Local group keeps pressure on for SANE program in Truro

The Women of Colchester Coalition is asking Colchester County council to write a letter to the Minister of Health regarding the immediate need for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program at the Colchester East Hants Health Centre.

Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River MLA Lenore Zann says council was extremely supportive of their request, including that Randy Delorey provide an exact date of when the program will be available in Truro and a timeline on the progress towards that end goal.

In a letter sent to one of two women who recently came forward about being turned away from the hospital after being sexually assaulted, Randy Delorey said the Premier has committed to having SANE services at the local hospital.

Zann says the coalition also requested a second letter be sent by council to the province to increase annual funding for the Colchester Sexual Assault Centre.

Members of the group also discussed human trafficking and non-State torture, in legal and human rights terms, with council to push for reports which expose the levels of local violence.

The goal is to "capture and expose the violence that occurs within relationships and within our communities so that action can be taken to effectively prevent, educate, protect, and prosecute, and this includes the work of available SANE services."