Moosehead to brew small batch beers to compete with craft brewers

Canada's oldest and largest independent brewer is learning to think small, to compete with a fast-growing craft beer market and meet consumers' demand for more variety.

Moosehead will open a small batch brewery and taproom on Saturday after spending approximately $5 million to remodel a portion of its main brewhouse in Saint John, N.B.

Andrew Oland, the company's president and CEO, says with far more brands now available, consumers are willing to experiment and try different kinds of beer for different occasions.

He says Moosehead staff have been wanting to experiment and offer different beers and the new small batch system allows that with its 20-barrel and three-barrel pilot system.

Oland says tours of Moosehead are already listed by TripAdvisor as one of the top five things to do in Saint John, and the new brews and taproom will only add to that experience.

One of the new beers being offered is an October brown ale, inspired by the first beer brewed by Moosehead matriarch Susannah Oland in 1867.