More cases of women who received labour-inducing drug emerging: lawyer

A lawyer retained by women who suspect they were improperly given a labour-inducing drug says the number of alleged victims of a Moncton nurse's inappropriate treatment is growing.

The Horizon Health Network has publicly confirmed there were ``at least two'' pregnant women who had to receive emergency intervention after receiving the drug inappropriately from the registered nurse.

A spokeswoman has also said 40 more women had come forward as of last Tuesday seeking information from the Moncton Hospital about their treatment.

The health agency declined further comment on Sunday, citing an ongoing criminal investigation by the RCMP.

However, John McKiggan, a medical malpractice lawyer based in Halifax, says he and the Moncton firm Fidelis Law have been asked to represent ``dozens'' of women who suspect they were also treated by the nurse.

The lawyer said more than two women have told him the Moncton Hospital has informed them they were also victims of the inappropriate administration of oxytocin by the nurse.