'Motivated by hate.' Vandals trash role-playing business in Cape Breton

A group of teenage vandals is being blamed for trashing a Cape Breton business where people gather in the woods to enjoy live action role-playing dressed as warriors, wizards and all manner of medieval characters.

The camp, on private property near a secluded lake southeast of Sydney, has been spray-painted with homophobic slurs, crude images and obscene insults.

Amid smashed shelving and furniture, a tarp used for a makeshift tent has the word "nerd" sprayed in red letters.

Mark Delaney, a player who used to help create imaginary battles and adventures for the Underworld LARP Cape Breton franchise, says police have been called in to investigate.

Delaney says he believes the vandals, who struck on Monday night, are mostly misguided teens, but he says some of them appear to be motivated by hate.

He says a significant number of the business's clients are members of Cape Breton's LGBTQ community.