N.S. father calls for improved safety to school bus stops after son struck by car

A Nova Scotia father is calling for improved safety to school bus stops after his young son was struck by a car while walking to his own bus stop.

Micah Osborne says he was walking to the bus stop with his three children, including five-year-old Carson, Tuesday morning when a car came upon them and sideswiped his son as they were about to cross the intersection.

Osborne says it was the scariest day of his life.

“The mirror hit him in the head, causing him to go into the side of the vehicle, and then when he went down, he hit his head backwards and his legs went underneath the back wheel,” recalls Osborne.

Carson sustained some soft tissue damage and patches of road rash and is now recovering at home in Stellarton, N.S.

The closest crosswalk is located about a block away from the bus stop. Other parents say traffic is heavy in the area during the morning hours.

“A lot of them, I don’t know if they don’t see them, or they just don’t bother stopping, they just keep going,” says parent Alonzo Gosbee.

Osborne says he would like to see a crosswalk or sign installed to make the busy area safer.

“At least, if nothing else, a crosswalk put in or some bus stop signs just to let people know, just to prevent any further accidents with anyone, not just my kids, there’s other kid that use it too,” he says.

For now, he says he plans to wait until the school bus comes to a full stop with its lights flashing before crossing the road with his children.

Stellarton Police Chief Don Hussher says police are investigating the incident and will conduct a review to determine whether a crosswalk is necessary.