N.S. government sends teen suicide expert to Cape Breton to address deaths

The Nova Scotia government is sending an expert on youth mental health and suicide to Cape Breton in the wake of several teen suicides.

It says Dr. Stan Kutcher will go there Monday to talk to ``families, schools, and the community'' about addressing mental health concerns.
Kutcher, co-chair of a government mental health advisory panel, is to report back to the health and education ministers in the coming weeks.

Darren Googoo, chairman of the Cape Breton Victoria School Board, says three students have lost their lives this year.

The parents of one 13-year-old girl who took her own life on Father's Day say bullying led to her death, and more needs to be done to ensure it doesn't happen to other young people.

They said their daughter was subject to verbal abuse at school and through social media.