N.S. immigration rebounded to post Second World War levels in 2016

Nova Scotia returned last year to levels of immigration reminiscent of the heydays of the inflow during the Second World War.

The province's Immigration Department says preliminary figures for last year to the end of October show 4,835 newcomers – including refugees – arrived in Nova Scotia, the highest number since the war.

The total included an influx of Syrian refugees, along with provincially nominated families and entrepreneurs.

A news release from the province Friday says that the province is also expecting to accept another 2,150 people under the provincial nomination program this year.

The Ivany Report, an economic blueprint for the province, has urged the province to increase immigration due to a declining birth rate and out migration.

It has predicted that within 15 years there will be 100,000 fewer people of working age in the province, and Nova Scotia cannot count on its natural birth rate to replace the workforce.