N.S. information czar says province is simply ignoring too many of her findings

Nova Scotia's freedom of information commissioner says too many of her formal findings are simply being refused by provincial departments.

Catherine Tully issued the annual report of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner on Wednesday, saying it will take public determination to bring the province's access to information laws "into the 21st century."

The report will be her last: She is set to retire on Aug. 31.

It says that between March 2018 and April 2019, government departments "fully accepted" only 40 per cent of formal recommendations after she conducted reviews that often took many months.

Unlike many Canadian jurisdictions, it's up to Nova Scotians to go to court to fight for review findings when the province denies information.

In an interview, Tully said the costs are often prohibitive and multiple people have told her they can't afford to go to court to enforce findings in their favour.