N.S. man who served time in Nepal for sexually abusing a minor faces charge in Quebec

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh heads from Nova Scotia Court of Appeal in Halifax on Oct. 7, 2010. (Andrew Vaughan / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

A Nova Scotia man who served time in a Nepalese prison for sexually abusing a nine-year-old boy has been charged in Quebec.

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh allegedly failed to report his location to authorities upon his return to Canada.

MacIntosh, who has pleaded not guilty, is due back in court in Montreal September 18th.

MacIntosh was extradited to Canada from India in 2007 to face charges of indecent assault and gross indecency in connection with allegations he sexually abused boys in Cape Breton in the 1970s.

He was convicted in two separate trials of molesting four boys in Nova Scotia, but those convictions were quashed in April of 2013 after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled the cases took too long.

In 2014, MacIntosh was arrested in Nepal after he allegedly lured a nine-year-old boy to a hotel for sex.

He was convicted of sexual abuse in that country and sentenced in 2015 to seven years in prison.

At the time, he was 71 years old.