N.S. mother seeks improved government support for grieving parents

A Nova Scotia woman who lost her daughter a little over a year ago says there aren't enough resources for grieving parents in Canada.

Paula Harmon, whose three-year-old daughter Grace died of a bowel condition in December 2016, will head to Parliament later this month to support a bill that would improve access to such services.

Harmon says infancy and pregnancy loss are not uncommon among women but remain a taboo subject, and there's little access to specific groups for early loss in Canada.

She notes that a parent who has lost a pregnancy or baby may feel out of place in standard bereavement groups.

On April 27, Alberta MP Blake Richards will introduce a motion to the House of Commons that would, if passed, instruct a standing committee to study the impact the loss of an infant has on parents.

The committee would then make recommendations to the government to improve the level of support for grieving parents.