N.S. teachers union drops complaint against principal for organizing Vimy trip

The union representing Nova Scotia's 9,600 public school teachers has backed away from threats to discipline two school administrators and a teacher who organized a student trip to Vimy Ridge last year.

Eartha Monard, principal of Dartmouth High School since 2008, said she received a letter last month indicating her union local was seeking sanctions based on her efforts to keep the trip going despite a work-to-rule campaign underway last year.

She said in an interview she didn't know what the union would do to her or her two colleagues, but she said she understood possible sanctions included being temporarily dropped from the union.

However, the union said Monday the local has dropped its complaint against Monard, along with the former vice principal Randolph Sullivan and a teacher.

And in a follow-up email, union president Liette Doucet apologized "for any tension this process has caused."

More that 80 students took part in the trip to Vimy Ridge, which required extensive planning and fundraising, with students and parents making significant financial commitments.