N.S. teachers union meets with minister to discuss reforms behind closed doors

Education Minister Zach Churchill has met with the head of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union a day after the union revealed its illegal strike mandate over education reforms.

Angela Murray, a spokeswoman for the union, says Liette Doucet sat down with Churchill Thursday but that both sides have agreed to keep the discussion confidential.

On Wednesday, Doucet said more than 80 per cent of teachers who cast a ballot voted in favour of authorizing an illegal strike or some other job action.

She said no immediate job action was planned and called on the government to engage in "meaningful consultation" with teachers.

Churchill indicated he was interested in more talks with the public school teachers following the union vote but that he wasn't interested in pausing the reforms.

The union called the strike vote last week to protest the province's decision to largely endorse a consultant's report recommending education reforms, including the removal of 1,000 principals, vice-principals and supervisors from the union.

A number of teachers and some parents took to social media today to express their opposition to the reforms using the hashtag stepup4students and asking to speak with Churchill.