Navy says sailor with 'infidel' arm tattoo will redo design after complaint


The Canadian Forces says a sailor who was publicly criticized for his tattoo featuring the word ``infidel'' in the shape of a rifle is going to have it tattooed over with another design.

Maj. Mark Gough of Maritime Forces Atlantic says the incident was investigated and the navy determined there was no ill intent on the sailor's part.

Gough says in an email that the sailor understands the concerns raised by the tattoo and ``plans to tattoo over this tattoo as soon as possible.''

The spokesman says senior officers now consider the matter closed, with no further action required.

The matter came to public attention as the result of a tweet from a Halifax coffee shop customer in early June which was forwarded to the sailor's superiors.

The photo shows only a man's arm with the tattoo as he waits in line to be served.