New drivers licences, photo ID cards unveiled

The province has launched new driver’s licences and photo identification cards, in partnership with the three other Atlantic provinces.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Lloyd Hines says main reason for the change is to protect Nova Scotians against identity theft and fraud, adding the new cards will help keep pace with the latest advances in security and technology.

Some of the new security features include a polycarbonate body for durability and tamper-resistance, a unique number and barcode, as well as laser engraved photo and personal data.

Starting in November, the cards will be printed at a central facility shared by all four provinces and mailed out within 14 days.

A 30-day temporary document will be given out at Access Nova Scotia Centres and Registry of Motor Vehicles offices to use until the new card arrives.

Anyone who already has a licence or photo ID doesn't have to obtain the new card until their current one is due for renewal.

Government says there is no fee increase for the new cards.

The province says Access Nova Scotia will start to roll out the new process for driver's licences and photo ID cards next month, with full implementation expected to be in place by the end of December.

The five-year contract to produce and mail the driver's licences and photo ID cards was awarded by the Atlantic provinces in December 2016 to Gemalto.