New, larger long-term care facility announced for Meteghan

Nova Scotia flag

The provincial government says a long-term care facility in Meteghan will be replaced with a new home with more beds.

The new facility will be built at the site of the Clare Bluegrass Festival, with ten more beds than the current Villa Acadienne.

Government says Nycum and Associates is working on the design.

Marcel Cottreau, president of the Villa Acadienne board of directors, says this is a proposal they've been working on for some time.

He says today's announcement is great news for the facility and the entire community.

The provincial NDP say the new beds don't even scratch the surface of the problem.

In a statement, party leader Gary Burrill says no new nursing home beds have opened since Stephen McNeil became Premier 2,093 days ago.

He says hundreds of people are living in hospitals in Nova Scotia, not because their conditions call for hospitalization but because no nursing home places are available for them.

Burrill says a comprehensive program of new nursing home construction across the province is needed.