New RECC dehumidification system soon to be operational

The General Manager of the Rath Eastlink Community Centre says their new dehumidification unit "is like going from a dinky car to a transport truck".

Matt Moore tells our newsroom the unit has finally been lifted onto the roof, which started the lengthy commissioning project.

The old system in the rink was able to remove 80 pounds of moisture per hour, but the new one can remove between 600 to 800 pounds per hour.

Moore says the system should be turned on Friday or Saturday, and the crew will be working through the weekend.

It was hoped the new unit would be up and running by May, but Moore says that was an unrealistic timeline due to the workload of the manufacturing plant in Texas.

He says if the system isn't fully operational by tomorrow night's season opener for the Truro Jr. A Bearcats, they'll have to manage the best they can; as they've had to do since the building opened more than four years ago.

The issues were back in the forefront last week as the Bearcats' final preseason game, against the Pictou County Weeks Crushers, had to be cancelled due to humidity in the rink.

A Halifax Mooseheads exhibition game against the Charlottetown Islanders in August 2015 was famously cancelled because of the indoor fog as well.