New survey says Nova Scotia's doctors are at risk of burnout

A new survey shows that for Nova Scotia's doctors burnout is a serious issue. 

Doctors Nova Scotia says 50 percent of the 362 doctors who responded to the Physician Burnout Survey reported experiencing symptoms of burnout, while another 20 percent are feeling ineffective. 

In the survey results, 70 percent of the physicians also reported feeling overextended, disengaged, ineffective and/or fully burned out.

Dr. Manoj Vohra, President of Doctors Nova Scotia, says these statistics are a major cause for concern, adding the state of the physician workforce in Nova Scotia is fragile and that something needs to be done immediately.

The 2017 survey statistics are the result of a partnership between Doctors Nova Scotia with Dr. Michael Leiter and the Centre for Organizational Research and Development at Acadia University to study the work-life issues facing doctors in our province. 

Starting this fall, Doctors Nova Scotia says it will provide doctors with a representative in their community and will also work with other physician leaders through the Physician Leadership and Development Program to address the causes of burnout.