Newly developed cracks near sinkhole concerning: Oxford

Officials are growing concerned about new cracks in a parking lot near a Nova Scotia sinkhole, and warn a nearby road could become affected.

The Town of Oxford says cracks have developed about 22 metres from the shoulder of Upper Main Street and 44 metres from the sinkhole, and the origins of the cracks require further investigation.

A news release says due to a lack of subsurface information around the sinkhole and surrounding properties, it is currently not known what risk the cracks pose to "the community, road and local businesses."

It says as a result, residents should begin considering alternative routes for accessing the Trans-Canada Highway, "should circumstances change."

First reported July 28 as a small hole about the size of a dinner plate, it was measured Monday at 32.6 metres by 38.7 metres, the same size as it was on Friday.

However, officials say material continues to erode along the margins of the sinkhole, and heavy rain in the forecast for Tuesday into Wednesday means there will likely be more erosion.