Nova Scotia court rejects bid to delay appeal in murder of young Inuit woman

A Nova Scotia woman who pleaded guilty to murdering a young Inuit woman has failed to win a delay in her appeal, as she acts as her own lawyer.

Victoria Henneberry is asking for a new trial on grounds that she panicked when she pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Loretta Saunders of Labrador, a former roommate in Halifax whose body was found on the side of a New Brunswick highway in February 2014.

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal on Wefnesday morning ruled the case will go forward, after Crown lawyer Mark Scott asked it to reject Henneberry's claim that she isn't ready.

Henneberry is representing herself, and argued she was not prepared mentally, that her mental health assessments have not been fully compiled, and she hasn't found a psychiatrist she's comfortable with.

Henneberry didn't bring any documents with her and only one piece of evidence, a written note by a psychiatrist she once saw recording Henneberry's past and present mental state.

Her appeal will continue this afternoon.