Nova Scotia education bill subject to heavy criticism in committee hearing

A Nova Scotia teacher says there is nothing in proposed legislation containing sweeping education reforms that will improve student achievement.

Speaking before the legislature's law amendments committee today, Peter Day says the recommendations in a report by consultant Avis Glaze are a "fabricated solution to a crisis in education that does not exist."

Bill 72, introduced last week by Education Minister Zach Churchill, would eliminate the province's seven English language boards while revamping the membership of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

Day, who teaches middle school in Sydney Mines, says more human resources, including teachers, speech language pathologists and social workers, would make a bigger difference in schools than the administrative changes in the bill.

While most of the early speakers before the committee spoke out against the legislation, education consultant Paul Bennett spoke in favour of it although he says it could be improved.

Bennett says regional school advisory councils should be governing bodies to make them more accountable.