Nova Scotia effluent pipeline into Northumberland Strait will need fresh route

The proposed route of an undersea pipeline that would carry effluent from the Northern Pulp mill into the Northumberland Strait will be changed due to concerns over potential ice damage.

Kathy Cloutier, director of communications at Paper Excellence, said a sonar study found ice scouring along the route off Pictou, N.S.

She says that will mean the pipeline may have to go into deeper waters to avoid the ice that scrapes along the ocean bottom near the outfall.

In addition, the undersea scans by Marine Geotech and Habitat Assessment in April, May and June found the proposed route was too close to a shipwreck and a collapsed pier off Pictou.

Cloutier says the new information means a delay in the company filing its environmental assessment report, and will lead to higher project costs.

Under provincial legislation, the mill has until 2020 to replace its current wastewater treatment plant in Boat Harbour.