Nova Scotia farmer offers bacon for tips after power tool theft at his operation in Cooks Brook

The owner of a free-range animal farm in Nova Scotia has taken the unusual step of offering bacon as an incentive for information about two major thefts from his property this summer.

In an appeal posted on Facebook, Melvin Burns of Moo Nay Farms in Cooks Brook offered a reward of just over two kilograms of bacon for tips leading to the culprit who took about $1,000 worth of power tools.

Burns says the farm near Shubenacadie was also hit in June when someone stole a number of pigs and hens.

He is also offering the odd job around the farm or training for anyone who owns up to the thefts, saying that if someone is taking things out of need, he is willing to provide an opportunity to make money in an honest way.

Burns says the purpose behind his post is to send a message to the broader community about looking out for one another.

He says he doesn't believe his farm is being targeted because he's learned of a rash of recent thefts in the area.