Nova Scotia man charged with drowning litter of kittens, SPCA says

A Nova Scotia man has been charged with drowning a litter of kittens.

The province's SPCA says it received a call about "the possible disappearance of a litter of kittens" in late July and determined they had been drowned by their owner.

An Aldershot man is charged under the Criminal Code with wilfully and without lawful excuse killing kittens.

He will be arraigned Oct. 24 in Kentville provincial court.

The SPCA says it has also charged a Little Narrows, N.S., woman after a dog was found dead in a vehicle in a Halifax parkade.

The agency says the woman left a dog inside a vehicle and failed to provide it with adequate food and water.

"I'm very pleased have jointly worked on this file with Halifax Regional Police who brought charges forward. Sadly, it was a very unfortunate outcome for the dog," Jo-Anne Landsburg, the SPCA's chief inspector in the province, said in a statement.

The woman has been charged with wilfully causing unnecessary suffering or injury to an animal and failing to provide suitable and adequate food, water, shelter and care for it.

She was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

In the kittens case, the SPCA says it offers spay and neuter programs at low cost, and also helps find homes for unwanted kittens.

"Drowning kittens is never an option, especially with so many resources available to the public," the SPCA said in a release.